Wedding Marathon

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Our 5th Annual Wedding Marathon will take place on

November 21, 2015!

The success of our Flourishing Families Program is measured in a variety of ways.  If a commitment to the family includes a marriage proposal, then it’s time to celebrate!  We are looking forward to helping make the dreams of many more couples come true in 2015!

For those couples that will be participating in this year’s Marathon, here are the dates for the next meetings:

  • Thursday, October 29th

REMEMBER: These meetings are only for those that attended the first orientation meeting.


In 2014, seven graduating couples from Flourishing Families wed on November 22nd, all in individual ceremonies. Many generous people like you donated their time, money and services to create a day only imagined as fantasy for the participating couples.  All the traditional features of a cherished event were attended to and paid for, including a proper ceremony, the dress, flowers, pictures and a cake. We would like to give a big thanks to:

Watch the recap for our 2014 Wedding Marathon from Fox 40

We are so honored to have been a part of our couples’ big day! Learn more about their special journeys here.

Gregory and Elise met in 2011 while waiting for a train and have been a couple ever since. Before taking a class at the Relationship Skills Center, the couple notes that they used to argue all the time. “My wife and I learned how to communicate and voice our opinions instead of screaming at each other,” says Gregory. “Our communication has improved a lot because we are more calm—and we used to be at each other’s throats.” Since taking the class, the couple has benefited from improved communication skills.  Elise notes, “[The class] helped us communicate better and gave us a way to look past the arguing and take a step back.” The class has helped them build a stronger bond with each other and with their one-year-old son. They also both report feeling more grounded and stable in their careers. The opportunity to participate in the wedding marathon, says Elise, is “an absolute blessing because otherwise we could not have afforded it and might have had to wait for years.” Gregory echoes these sentiments and also states that he hopes this will bring their extended families closer together.



Stephen and Belinda met in Nevada when they discovered that they both worked for the same casino. They soon began dating. The couple encountered several obstacles, including struggling to keep their home while dealing with the loss of Stephen’s mother. Their overcoming of adversities together is what kept them so strong and driven in their goal to develop a functional relationship. Before taking a class at the Relationship Skills Center, there was little communication between the two. However, after attending the class, they opened up and were able to listen to each other without arguing. They were able to talk and listen to one another without dwelling on their differing opinions. The communication portion of the course along with the card games played during the session proved to benefit the couple greatly. Belinda and Stephen are both now very excited to begin their life together as a married couple. Their eight-year-old daughter Anica will serve as flower girl.  “Our relationship started off rocky,” Belinda says. “But we wouldn’t have made it without Marathon.”


Tamiko and Ryan had a hard time communicating in a way that would help them understand each other. However, after the couple’s class, they learned to talk to each other more often without arguing. Like many other couples, Tamiko and Ryan met in a bar. It was a blind date set up by friends. Interestingly, they hated each other at first because they did not like blind dates. Nonetheless, when they got to know each other on a deeper level, they discovered a mutual attraction. Tamiko and Ryan cannot wait to take the next step with an exciting wedding that they have been planning for months. They both agree that a happy marriage is the best reward for a couples’ hard work and perseverance. According to them, managing their relationship so they can avoid arguments and communicate with each other more effectively will continue to be a key element of their daily lives.



More Photos of our Wedding Marathon, 2014








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