Youth Program


Youth Program: #RelationshipSmarts

This summer, the Relationship Skills Center is excited to launch a new and free youth program targeted toward 7th and 8th grade youth. The goal of the summer program is to broaden relationship skills. This program is made possible in part by the generous support of the Rotary Club of Sacramento.

A 12-lesson, 15-hour program teaches positive youth development, empowers students to form healthy relationships and work toward their goals.  It engages students through various interactive, discussion-based and creative activities and incorporates multimedia (popular music, music videos, films) to help kids relate to and apply the concepts taught.

What Kids Can Expect to Learn:

  • Navigating the world of romantic relationships – understanding that healthy relationships start with the individual and identifying personal strengths and weaknesses to understand the importance of personal development.
  • A deeper understanding of what a healthy relationship is and is not –recognizing warning signs of a dangerous or unhealthy relationship and gaining new tools for dating violence prevention.
  • Building life skills that are critical in all kinds of relationships (romantic, peer, family, friends) – including communication and conflict management skills, how to manage uncomfortable emotions, responding to difficult social situations.
We are excited to announce the 6 sites for summer 2014. Registration is open and classes are free. Please contact the sites directly as listed in the flyer below.

Evidence of Success:

The selected curriculum has undergone a 5 year study done by Auburn University researchers involving over 5,000 diverse teenage students. Upon completing the study, they reported sustained gains over time that included increases in students’ realistic understanding of relationships, decreases in faulty relationship beliefs, broadened understandings of relationship aggression, and declines in aggression in relationships when compared to students in control groups.

The curriculum won the 2009 Distinguished Achievement Award for curriculum-based teaching aids from the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP).

If you are interested in becoming a partner site for next summer, please contact us at Requirements are listed below: 

  • Has an existing summer program and is looking for more content to enrich the experience for youth
  • Has space in your summer schedule to incorporate our 15-hour  curriculum
  • Has a facility or classroom-like space that accommodates 2 instructors and 20-25 middle school kids.